SPACE IN LOST (21.06.2018 – 18.07.2019)



SPACED IN LOST is a curatorial proposition initiated by artist Filip Andreas Skrapic. By inviting five artists and friends Samuel Fasse, Marine Giraudo, Salome Chatriot, STANDARDCLOTHING and AM to join him, he renews the experimentation of the immersive story with artworks. In a world where hyper-reality dominates, they approach and deploy the spirit of fetishism together defining the signs of this power. Rotating spacetime games, the works from this exhibition refer to a disorder of the real, where the borders with the virtual vanish. The object then takes a special place: it is in the center of our attention. A devouring, frightening and intense focus. They own the codes of storytelling to write a fiction at the crossroads of several themes. In the era of image stocks and social networks, the artworks invest the uncertain immensity of the virtual space, the artists make available to the eye the erosion of the image archives, the heterogeneous assembly of objects or the errors and malfunctions that produce the unexpected and the poetic for SPACED IN LOST.

Reflecting on the place of the body that meets the virtual space, they play with our beliefs and unravel our moral values. Videos, algorithm, sound, sculpture or virtual reality escape the linear narrative structures. Together, they seek to construct a narrative in which fiction and reality intertwine and constitute the here and now. -Text by Marianne Robin-


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