10 SEPTEMBRE 2020 – 23 SEPTEMBRE 2020
Katya Quel Elizarova


So long the path I walk
Among the hills and rocks,
I leave no trace for wolves,
Bridge will burn, ship will sink.
No mercy, no revenge
I just will run away.
I don’t have time to wait,
Distance needs no response.
My face behind the hood
No one should see as cute.
The sun comes from above:
Path is passed, time to love.


Katya works intensely to create her own fantasy and pseudo-scientific reality through installations, sculpture, painting and computer graphics. Her vision of the world is characterized by female empathy, deep sympathy for the planet and a focus on environmental issues.

She has the potential to become one of the new heroines of post-cyber feminism. Computer literate girls who, through the aesthetic of a plastic barbie house and elven princesses armed with swords, fight for the important role of sensual post-internet art.